#iHunt: The Chosen One – First Excerpt

“Seven fucking years, and you don’t know the value of a good villain monologue?” My next book is called #iHunt: The Chosen One. It’s a pseudo sequel to #iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy. Which is to say, it’s technically a sequel, but it’s standalone and you don’t have to have read one to […]

Free #iHunt Novella!

Are you new to my weird fiction world of San Jenaro? Not ready to take the step of giving me $5? The first one’s free. Check out this novella, #iHunt Frankenstein’s Monster (Sort of) (But Not Really.) It’s a fully free novella in the #iHunt series. The long and short: Lana’s being paid to hunt […]


My Outlining Process: Proof of Concept

I use a strange method for outlining. I like to prewrite some “proof of concept” scenes/chapters, then build the outline around those. Wanna see my process in action? It might help you out with your #NaNoWriMo novel! In this example, I outline my next book, #iHunt: The Chosen One. If you haven’t Followed our Twitch […]