Lana kills monsters. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because she’s a millennial and needs the cash to pay the rent. She uses an app called #iHunt to find people willing to pay to have their vampires, zombies, and demons exterminated. It’s like Buffy meets Uber, Supernatural meets Fiverr.

Every #iHunt book is self-contained, but if you’re looking for a good place to start, might I recommend the most recent book, #iHunt: The Chosen One? It’s not the first in the series, but it’s the newest.

iHunt: The Chosen One

It’s a story about Lana dealing with someone destined to hunt vampires, the Chosen One. Lana does it because she has to pay the rent, where Veronica does it because she has superpowers. It’s an examination of privilege and obligation.

It’s available at Amazon in ebook and print format. You can get it through as an ebook, or through Blurb in print. Getting it through Itch or Blurb means I take home more of the money, and we don’t help Amazon move further and further toward world domination.

The first book in the series is also a good starting point. #iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy is where iHunt began.

It’s a story about Lana dealing with the realities of poverty tax, eviction, overpriced healthcare, and the orgasm gap while trying to kill some vampires to make ends meet.

You can buy it in ebook and print at Amazon.

You can also buy it directly from me as an ebook or through I get a bigger cut of the royalties there. Every dollar counts in the gig economy, right?


If you want a free example of Lana and #iHunt, I have a novella called #iHunt Frankenstein’s Monster (Sort Of) (But Not Really) which I think really shows off what the series is about. You can download it, no strings attached.

Lana’s being paid to hunt Frankenstein’s monster. Actually, it’s not Frankenstein’s monster. It’s a rogue AI in a weird cyborg body and it’s killed its creator and a bunch of other people. The creator’s widow wants Lana to stop it at any cost. Mostly, #iHunt Frankenstein’s Monster is a story about cocaine. And dead people. And how people on cocaine like to obsess over dead people. And about how cocaine can make you just a little stronger and more alert, which is perfect for hunting monsters. So that’s it. It’s a story about Frankenstein, except not really, and cocaine. That sums it up. It’s really more about the sum of its parts. Which is funny, because, you know, Frankenstein’s monster.


You can read it right here for free! 

Next up is a kinky erotic short called #iHunt: A Dark Knight (Not THE). It’s a tie-in to #iHunt: The Chosen One, where Lana takes up as a squire under a beautiful vampire knight who wants her to kill her rival in honorable combat. There’s a whole master/student relationship that’s really just an excuse for steamy gay sex.

You can get it on Amazon through Kindle Unlimited or for purchase.


Lana hunts monsters for a living. She absolutely hates hunting ghosts. So, of course, a friend is calling in a favor and having her hunt a ghost. Not just any ghost, but Old Anne, an urban legend at Movieland, a theme park inspired by the golden age of Hollywood.

Worse off, Lana used to work at Movieland, and was fired after she had a… little incident killing three vampires on park property. So in addition to hunting ghosts—which she doesn’t want to do—she has to sneak around and not get noticed by her former coworkers.

This is Book 3 of #iHunt. But it’s a completely standalone story—you don’t need to have read the others to get this.

Content Warning: Drug use, violence, minor gore, descriptions of anxiety attacks.

Visit Movieland by picking it up on Amazon.

Or, get it straight from the source! Or through


Lana is a monster hunter—she takes bounties to kill the creatures of the night. Her first contract without her mentor takes her to the California mountains, where she’s digging up dirt on an ancient Transylvanian lord who may be one of Dracula’s grandchildren. While he’s trying to buy some beachfront property, she’s busy trying to figure out how you kill something that’s five hundred years old, and debating whether or not to give in to the flirtations of a strange hunter who may or may not be related to Abraham Van Helsing.

This is a prelude to the upcoming full-length novel, #iHunt.

Content warning: Drug use, violence, sex.

You can buy it directly at Amazon.

You can download it directly from me, because for SURE the Dracul family has shares in Amazon.


If you love Lana, meet Alice.

In #iHunt: The Mastodon (Actually a Vampire,) professional vampire hunter Alicia goes over her methodology for killing vampires and racking up social media followers while doing it. It’s a short story about social media, killing monsters, and how everything has to be monetized and commodified in the life of a millennial.
Also, there’s an iHunt novella called #iHunt Some Guy where Lana hunts a serial killer and tries to stop a monster bringing justice to a damaged family. It’s included free with my partner’s first entry in the San Jenaro book series. It’s called Reaching Out. It’s about empathy, ghosts, and family. Get it on Or you can get it on Amazon.