#iHunt: The Chosen One is now out! You can get it all over the place. First off, it’s available at Amazon, like you might expect. You can also get it at Itch. However, I’ve been struggling with Amazon’s print options lately. They’re way overpriced, and I get way too little of that money. So I did some research, and realized Blurb is a better choice all around. I can charge you less, I get significantly more of the proceeds, and they print faster than Amazon. Anything to divest from the monopoly, as far as I’m concerned.

Now, I still have my books available via Amazon, because accessibility is important to me. But, Blurb is better for print, Itch is better for digital. So I need to have those available.

In celebration of this shift, I’ve put all the San Jenaro books on Blurb with slightly new covers that integrate the vampy guy from Chosen One’s cover, and are all branded as “A San Jenaro Story” on the back for a little continuity.

I can’t resist this guy.

Anyway, if you haven’t gotten the back catalogue, or ordered Chosen One yet, now’s a great time! Do you have a friend you’d like to introduce to the world of San Jenaro? Get them a gift. That’s how you get us to write more books.

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