My new novel, #iHunt: The Chosen One is set for release June 1st.

You can preorder it on Amazon right now. I’m trying real hard to bump it up on the day one charts. So, if you preorder it, message me and I’ll give you a free copy of one of my other books.

For the print version, I’m trying something a little different this time. You’ll still be able to get it through Amazon, but because it’s a little bigger than my previous books, it’ll sell for $20 USD. Unfortunately if I make it much less than that, I’m not making any money per copy.

So, instead, I’ve found another source to release print copies. Through Blurb, I’m releasing it direct for $15. If you get it through Blurb, not only is it cheaper for you, but I actually make more than if you buy it for $20 through Amazon. I’m going to leave it up on Amazon for availability, but if you want it in print, I strongly suggest you get it through Blurb.

If you buy it through Blurb in print, I’ll give you the digital version. I can’t sell digitally through them because of the Amazon exclusivity agreement. But I’ll give you the PDF, Epub, or Mobi version free of charge if you order the print version through Blurb.

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