Are you new to my weird fiction world of San Jenaro? Not ready to take the step of giving me $5?

The first one’s free. Check out this novella, #iHunt Frankenstein’s Monster (Sort of) (But Not Really.) It’s a fully free novella in the #iHunt series.

The long and short:

Lana’s being paid to hunt Frankenstein’s monster. Actually, it’s not Frankenstein’s monster. It’s a rogue AI in a weird cyborg body and it’s killed its creator and a bunch of other people. The creator’s widow wants Lana to stop it at any cost.

Mostly, #iHunt Frankenstein’s Monster is a story about cocaine. And dead people. And how people on cocaine like to obsess over dead people. And about how cocaine can make you just a little stronger and more alert, which is perfect for hunting monsters. So that’s it. It’s a story about Frankenstein, except not really, and cocaine. That sums it up. It’s really more about the sum of its parts. Which is funny, because, you know, Frankenstein’s monster.


You can download it here. If you like it, consider checking out some of our other, potentially non-free stuff. 

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